As you are probably aware, as of 5pm 12/8/2021 the ACT went into lockdown. Classes will continue as normal at Eden Dance Academy until we have received advise from the NSW Government. 

Obviously if you live in the ACT, your children will not be in class as you are in lockdown. If you have visited any of the venues advised by ACT Health (there is a rough list attached, please seek the ACT Health updates for confirmation), quarantine is in place.

Zoom codes today, for those students that are in lockdown for the next 7 days. 

We will continue to clean between classes, wear masks, and follow current NSW Health directives. 

COVID-19 Safe restrictions were updated by the NSW Government, our current restrictions as at Monday 12 July include the following:

* Masks for teachers

* Masks for students 12 & over

* 4m2 rule for studios & foyers - floors & barres are marked

* Drop & Dance - Please keep the foyers as clear as possible, we are restricted with numbers. Teachers will escort students out.